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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a wonderful floor covering as it has the advantage of providing a soft warm feel to a room. Carpet also acts as filter, removing dust and other particles that would otherwise circulate throughout a room.

Like any filter, carpet needs to be cleaned to remove the build-up of particles to allow this filtering process to continue efficiently. Our carpet cleaning system complies with Section 5 of AS/NZS 3733:1995

(Textile Floor Coverings – cleaning and maintenance of commercial and residential carpeting)

Why get your carpets cleaned?

• Prolong the life of your expensive carpets

• Removes harmful chemicals and bacteria

• Dirty carpets contain chemicals and odours that have been brought in from outside.

• Experts believe that carpets with visible stains are very dirty and regular cleaning is advised instead of waiting for stains to appear.

Our Service to you:

• 2 technicians for each job

• We follow the cleaning process documented by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) to maintain a professional and thorough clean each and every time.

• We also use corner guards to further protect your walls.

• Our qualified technicians follow a 10 step process to bring out the best in your carpet. It is a combination of steam and dry cleaning leaving the carpet ready to walk on.

The system includes the following:

1. Pre-inspection- Carpet fibre ID and spot and stain survey

2. Pre-vacuum- With industrial up-right, hospital grade filtration. Dry vacuuming will remove more than 70% of dry soil. The power head of the vacuum acts to "beat" the carpet fibres to remove particles regular vacuum cleaners cannot.

3. The careful removal of furniture to clean every inch of your carpets

4. Pre-conditioning with deodorizer and spotting (some spots and stains extra). This detergent acts by loosening debris and oils to allow extraction.

5. Rotary agitation with soft brush or pad to loosen soiling from the carpet fibres and cleans up to 50% better.

6. Powerful steam extraction. Powerful equipment delivers higher heat and more vacuum, resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets.

7. Apply a deodorizing spray to the freshly cleaned carpets.

8. Use rotary dry pad to leave your carpets walk-on dry. Removes the last standing water from the carpet pile, reducing drying times and brightens the carpet by 20%.

9. We then carefully replace all furniture and place coasters under timber furniture.

10. Final grooming to remove cleaning marks. Resets the carpet pile, pile is left standing to maximize appearance and reduce drying times.

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