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Flood and Fire Restoration

All of our technicians are trained and experienced in water damage restoration. We have the latest equipment to ensure you flooded carpet is dried back to original condition as soon as possible. Carpet drying is a specialised skill. We are the largest flood and water damage restoration company on the Sunshine Coast. We can respond to most calls within the hour. We service from Noosa to Narangba. Including Bribie Island and Maleny

Flooded carpets have several serious implications.

• If left, carpet can quickly rot and require replacement.

• Moisture in carpet can provide a suitable environment for growth of mould which can have health implications.

• Costly repairs can result if moisture ‘wicks’ up Gyprock walls.

We follow a 7 step process with the latest equipment to carry out the following:

1. Inspection and Assessment

2. Water Removal – extraction with two machines hastens the process.

3. Anti–microbial Application – prevents the growth of mould during the drying process.

4. Drying: Air Movement – moving air allows the moisture to more rapidly evaporate.

5. Drying: Dehumidifying – drying the air also speeds up the evaporation rate thus speeding up drying times. Removing moisture from the air also prevents moisture that has evaporated from carpets from affecting other fixtures in the home e.g. electronic devices.

6. Drying: Monitoring – Hygrometers are the only accurate way of determining whether all moisture has been removed. Carpets that feel dry can still have moisture in the underlay.

7. Final steam clean of carpet – will remove any odours and ensure carpets are conditioned.

By having the right equipment, and understanding the principles involved in the water damage restoration process, we can accurately estimate the total cost of the work, thereby saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Drying fans and Dehumidifiers

These devices will remain on site as part of the drying process. We will monitor the drying process and move the fans appropriately.

The dehumidifier is attached to a drain or a bucket. Please have a cursory check of this bucket from time to time to ensure the bucket doesn’t overfill.

In rare occasions of high humidity, significant amounts of moisture can be removed from the room. Should this occur please contact us immediately on (07) 5443 9000.


We can bill your insurance company directly if required. Please provide the contact details and insurance policy number when requested. Alternatively we can provide you upon completion of the work.

Fire Restoration

• Skilled in the inventory, packing, removing and storage of contents

• Soot damaged items are treated in our factory to return them to pre los condition

• Structural cleaning can reduce rebuild time and costs

The technicians on site will not provide an estimate of cost. Please contact the main office if an estimate is required on (07) 5443 9000.