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Specialized Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

• Powerful (up to 3000psi) water blasters can remove dirt grime and mildew from concrete paths and driveways

Concrete sealing

• An additional service to protect decorative concrete surfaces. After a thorough clean a sealer is applied to the concrete.

• the sealer prevents dirt and mildew build up whilst protecting the decorative patterns. Is also adds a shine to the surface

Hard floor Strip and sealing

• All hard floors vinyl, concrete or tiles can be sealed and polished

• This protects the surface whilst providing a beautiful shiny finish

Mould Cleaning / Remediation

• Mould remediation is a specialised field of expertise. At Bright Aire our technicians have received training from nationally recognised authorities in techniques for remediating and testing for mould presence

Commercial cleaning

• Bright Aire is one stop provider of all periodic cleaning services – window cleaning, carpet and tile cleaning, hard floor polishing

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