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Rug Cleaning

We are the only company on the Sunshine Coast with an in house rug factory and IICRC trained technicians in rug cleaning. We offer a pickup and delivery service or you can drop your rug into our factory.

1. All rugs are pre inspected by an experienced technician to determine the composition of the rug and the most appropriate cleaning method

2. Rug is treated with a machine designed to vibrate dust and dirt out from both sides of the rug

3. A commercial vacuum cleaner is used to extract finer dust

4. A detergent is then added to dissolve fats oils and remaining soil

5. A Polivac machine is used to gently agitate the detergent into the fibres with a soft brush for a deeper clean

6. A powerful truck mount vacuum machine is used to spray steaming hot water onto the rug and then extract the dissolved grime

7. The Polivac machine is used with a cotton pad to absorb the final residue

8. An additional service is a fringe brightening – fringes can be brought back to a new look through this process

9. Rugs are placed in our specialised drying chamber