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Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

We follow a 7 step process to ensure the best result possible:

1. Pre-inspection – check the care label and determine lounge suite fabric.

2. Perform a dye test to ensure colour fastness.

3. Pre-vacuum with quality filtered upright vacuum cleaner.

4. Pre spray carpets with hot water and detergent.

5. Hot Water Extraction with powerful truck-mount machines, using emulsifier to help retard re-soiling.

6. Deodorize and Groom fabric.

7. Fabric Protector – your lounge suite and dining chairs are used every day – we eat and drink on them, by applying a fabric protector to your upholstery, it can help repel spilt drinks and food items.

8.Leather furniture is cleaned with a two pack solution

9.The first solution is added to removed dirt and grime

10. The second solution is used to treat the leather to leave a soft shiny surface with a protective coating

Mattress Cleaning

Bright Aire uses dust mite and anti-allergen treatments to clean your mattresses. To help reduce allergens in the home, we suggest that:

• Blankets are washed monthly.

• Sheets are washed regularly in hot water.

• Unless a mite proof cover is used over your pillow, wash pillows around four times a year.

• Your mattress is professionally cleaned around every 6 months.

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